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Caroline Muneoka



Masue is a New Orleans lifestyle brand for men, women, and home where designer Caroline Masue shares her original hand printed textiles. Born and raised in New Orleans, Caroline has been surrounded by eclectic design, fine art, and architecture. Her father’s influence as a cellular biologist sparked a passion for the intricacies of nature’s design at an early age. Attending college at Tulane University for Biology, Caroline soon realized she was most fascinated with patterns in nature and fine art provided her a way to explore it further. 

Upon graduating with a degree in painting, she visited her grandmother's printmaking studio where she found her true calling. Teaching herself how to sew and dye her own fabrics, Caroline began the journey to create pieces completely from scratch. Each piece begins as an experiment, a "blank canvas" from which to work. Since 2015, Caroline has been creating and sharing her art under the Masue brand, selling more than 500 of her handmade pieces.


Caroline Masue Muneoka


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Natural linens and cottons are used to create one of a kind pieces that capture the essence of nature’s design. Caroline’s ideas first take shape as drawings and are then exposed onto a silk screen. Natural fabric is hand dyed and cut from a pattern block, each piece printed with eco-friendly, water-based ink. Sewn to order and ready to share, Masue’s textiles are for those with an eye for detail who appreciate refinement and who embrace original design.

Establishing a classic twist on a modern aesthetic, Masue devotes itself to an organic design, inspired by nature. Masue strives to provide customers with the unique experience to play a part in customizing pieces designed for them. Limited edition, constantly changing, ever-evolving: these characterize the future of Designs by Masue.

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